Returning to the dating scene after nine years of being off of it was a rude awakening.  Things have changed and not for the better.  I couldn’t believe all the clowns I was meeting!  I’ve learned new phrases such as ghosting, zombieing, and breadcrumbing that I could have lived without.  I’ve only been attempting to date and navigate my way past “almost relationships” since October of 2017, but I already have enough material that several friends suggested I either come up with a “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw-isque blog or a stand-up comedy show.  Being a writer, I chose the former.  Join me as we dive into what the dating scene looks like these days and my own personal (so far) nightmares of being in it.  This blog is written from a female perspective, but I’m trying not to forget you guys.  Feel free to send me your own stories that I might feature in a blog or comment on your own experiences!